I was thinking of various different things to write about on the last day of my first Blogathon but life at present is so random that I figured a random post is how it ought to be. Crappy start to my year and the Blogathon when I hardly kept up with any of my resolutions.… Read More Miscellany

Tag along

i did not think I would fare this badly in Blogathon. If I am right, I have missed at least five days of blogging and it’s almost the end of the month. Damn! Anyway, I am back today and while browsing through other Blogathon members, Infound this tag everyone is doing. So me too –… Read More Tag along


I made this secret new year resolution because I knew I won’t be very successful at keeping it. I decided to be more discerning in my movie watching. The usual operating procedure is to watch most of Hindi and Tamil movies over the first weekend of its release. I say most because even I would… Read More Airlift


Its Thaipusam today and so we decided to visit the famous Murugan Temple in Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur.  There was a decent crowd, innumerable shops, yummy eats and some very fancy kawadis. Pics from this morning –                  

Walk along

Coincidently this was exactly what I was pondering about – why I don’t walk aimlessly more often. Maybe this is the key to set the creative juices flowing. Only issue is that I live on the equator and walking is possible only early in the morning but it’s worth it I guess. Do read this… Read More Walk along